Updated February 17, 2022

You’ve done the hard part! Giving baby the perfect first name is a daunting task, but now you’re on to picking out a middle name, and that is smooth sailing. There are so many names out there to love that tie in baby’s heritage and that pair perfectly with others that you’ll find what you’re looking for easily. Baby girl and boy middle names can make or break the full name you have picked out, so getting started with this tried and tested list is the perfect next step.

Baby’s middle name is an opportunity! This is a chance for you to use the names that were in the running for baby’s first name. Maybe there were several that you loved that also happened to make excellent pairs! Baby girl middle names like May, Belle, and Anne are classics. They make every first name sound a touch sweeter to match baby’s adorable essence. Baby boy middle names also have a wide range of traditional names too. From Michael and John to Carlos and Cyrus, baby boy middle names are plucked right from the pages of history.

However, baby middle names don’t have to be vintage. Picking a cool, one-syllable middle name like Ren, Brandt, or Bear can elevate any name they accompany. This way, baby can choose their favorite name to be called from options that will be varied and contemporary. And have no fear, baby girl middle names are no exception to this! With sweet options like Peace and Lark, your darling little one will be dripping tranquility all of their days.

Baby middle names can set the tone for the whole name you give baby. Whether it’s the space you needed to highlight their ancestry or the opportunity for a second take at the first name, baby will have so much to love about their moniker.

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