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African Baby Names
Africa is a massive continent; to say baby’s name is African is a pretty general statement. But like our American Baby Names list, what’s important is valuing all the different cultures that make each country — or even a continent — what it is. These African names are full of meaning that can harken back to your heritage, no matter how distant or near.To choose an African name for baby is to appreciate the culture it came from. And luckily for us, some of these names are becoming popularized more in media—like Chidi from “The Good Place”—which is helping to shed light on the huge array of names that deserve to be more widely appreciated. African names are unique and beautiful and baby is sure to be remembered with a gorgeous name like Kesia or Umi.But overall, the diverse range is everything with these African names. Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world when it comes to the sheer volume of languages spoken. With over 1,500 estimated languages spoken in Africa, it’s safe to say there are a lot of names to choose from. Try saying the names out loud and reading through descriptions to find what names mean the most to you and you’ll be sure to find a beautiful African name for baby in no time.
American Baby Names
Congratulations! There’s a baby on the way and we couldn’t be more thrilled for you! If you’re looking for names for baby you’ve come to the right place, but if you’re looking for baby names and you’re a proud American, you couldn’t have picked a better place.The United States is known for being a proud melting pot of the world. With such a vast array of cultures and lifestyles, we have names in the dozens that are quintessentially American while still being incredibly unique. Strong names like Maverick and Deonte are just the tip of the iceberg for American baby boy names, with a big selection of unique gender neutral and girl names, too. A couple of gender neutral baby names we love are Brynn and Jaden. These names and baby girl names like Annamae, Brenley, Essence, and so many more in this list celebrate a wide range of heritages just like you and baby will.Because of the vast representation of different communities, these names have a way of making you feel like you’re always at home. American names that speak to the diverse range of people that make The United States what it is couldn’t be more important. We have so many cultures at the tips of our fingers and picking an American name for baby proudly includes those.Take a look and find your favorites in this American Baby Names list and let’s celebrate this melting pot together.
Arabic Baby Names
To say a name is Arabic could mean a vast array of things; Arabic is a language spoken as an official or co-official language in 25 countries. This centuries old language represents so many different cultures and with that comes so many different Arabic baby girl and baby boy names!Most Arabic names are centuries old and stem from different religions or other various influences found throughout the Middle East. Arabic naming practices include giving baby family names, patronyms, and religious names.Arabic baby names are rich with significant meanings. Whether they are driven from the beautiful scenery of the Middle East or taking more poetic influences, these names have a wide variety for you to choose from. With Zahra referring to a white flower and Laila meaning night beauty, Arabic baby girl names are easy to fall for. There are so many elegant names for your beautiful baby girl, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal name for baby in no time. Arabic names for baby boys are also remarkable with their vast array of definitions to pick from. Kaiden will be your lifelong companion and Kareem can put a name to the generous soul you’re raising.The most special moments with Arabic baby names often come from their depth of meaning and we implore you to read through them and try saying the names out loud. Following your gut will ensure that you find the perfect Arabic name for baby with ease.
Aramaic Baby Names
Check out our list of Aramaic baby names and their meanings so you can choose a significant name for baby. You’ll find Aramaic names for baby boys and baby girls. Honor your homeland and family history with these top Aramaic baby names.
Armenian Baby Names
Congratulations! There’s a baby on the way and now it’s time for the exciting next step of naming them! There are so many names for you to choose from that this process can take longer than you want, but starting with picking a name based on its meaning or by the heritage it represents is a great choice. Armenian baby girl and baby boy names can be that perfect leaping off point you’re looking for.Armenia is a small country in southerwestern Asia. This country is sandwiched between Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkey. By being in the cross section of these countries, Armenian culture has become an amalgamation of these identities mixed with its own. With that, the Armenian baby girl and baby boy names have been similarly affected, giving you and baby so many to choose from!Armenian names, with their roots in the Indo-European language, exhibit a wide range of meanings, and we implore everyone to read through these descriptions to find their perfect fit. Anahid and Arevalous are names that highlight the otherworldly beauties of the moon and the sun and the natural reverence for them encapsulated in lovely Armenian girl names. But equally unique in their range of names and meanings for every purpose, Armenian boy names, Hovnan and Hunan refer to charming eyes or being as sweet as a dove.This list of Armenian names for baby will make your next step in parenthood that much easier. Choose to honor your homeland and the culture you love by giving baby an Armenian name that will mean something to you both.
Australian Baby Names
We know not every Aussie walks around saying “g’day mate”, nor does every conversation have “throwin’ shrimp on the barbie” in it. Because in reality, we love Australian culture for every facet of it that makes it uniquely and genuinely Australian. Aussies are known worldwide for their fun loving nature but their rich culture is where they truly shine. Luckily for us, we’ve gotten plenty of inspiration for Australian baby names because of the land down under’s brilliance.Australia has a backlogged history that is older than we tend to realize. Once a place where hundreds of thousands of convicts were shipped to from the UK and Ireland, this country was made of the underdogs that now hold their heritage proudly. Australia is a country of the bold who own up to their Irish, Welsh, and aboriginal cultural backgrounds. The Indigenous Australians are a revered people as they are the keepers of Australian ancient history and finding ways to pay respects just makes sense. With this blend of cultures comes a creative, strong array of names for baby that help inspiration come easily.Australian baby girl names like Medika or Keira are gorgeous tributes to your soon-to-be flower child. She can rock her heritage while sporting a name that means blossom or pay tribute to the mountain ranges that can be spotted throughout her homeland. Keira also doubles as an Irish moniker, if you’re in need of ticking two heritage boxes at once. But the next level meanings don’t stop there; Australian boy names like Coen or Jiemba give a solid upgrade to nature names with meanings like thunder and the laughing star.No matter where you are now, celebrating your Australian heritage can be easily done by giving baby a unique Australian name. These powerful names can give baby a story or two to lean on throughout their lives — not to mention a connection with their family tree. By helping baby dig into their roots, you’re helping them look to their future while keeping the lessons from their ancestry in mind. What could be a better birthday present than that?


Cambodian Baby Names
Check out our list of Cambodian baby names and their meanings so you can choose a significant name for baby. You’ll find Cambodian names for baby boys and baby girls. Honor your homeland and family history with these top Cambodian baby names.
Celtic Baby Names
How many times have you fallen in love with a story or a name or even just a photo and then found out it has Celtic origins? That is the tale as old as time as far as we’re concerned. Celtic influence can be found all throughout the world — with good reason — so why not let that influence help you choose a name for baby? These Celtic baby names transport you to a different time and place and we couldn’t love them more for it.Celtic baby names are perfect for a one-stop-shop on all the fantasy elements you love because they combine several regions’ histories into one. The term Celtic refers to the languages and cultures of the Celtic nations which are known as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany. But though this term encompasses many different nations, they each have something special to add to the Celtic Baby Names list.Celtic names for boys like Angus and Dougal are perfect for the strapping young lad you’re sure to have. Alternatively, Arlynn and Betha are lovely Celtic names for the strong, lovely lass you’ll be raising. These names have it all and are enriched with so much history to boot.Celtic baby boy and Celtic baby girl names have a beautiful and whimsical sound when they’re said. They emanate an air of magic and exude charm and elegance. They often have a distinct meaning behind them that sheds some light on its Celtic origins. This compilation of lyrical-sounding names are known for their unusual spellings and unique pronunciation and are sure to stand out in a roll call.
Chinese Baby Names
Congratulations! Adding a baby to your life is an incredibly special time, and one of the first exciting steps to take is coming up with a name. But you don’t need just any name; you’re no doubt looking for a name that carries your heritage, too. And... you’re probably also hoping to find one that will help baby ground themselves with a simple but strong meaning, right? If that sounds like everything you need, then you are looking in the perfect place for it. Stick around and browse this list of beautiful Chinese baby girl and baby boy names and you’ll have the name to fulfill all those wishes in no time.Chinese boy names are something truly special. There are, of course, a vast number of definitions to choose from but generally these names speak to a strength in mind, character, and spirit. A Chinese boy name like Gang, for instance, simply means “strong”. By giving baby a name with that kind of clarity, they’ll always be able to fall back on it and create their intentions from it. However, sometimes Chinese boy names leave a little more room for interpretation, like with Fai. This name means “beginning”, and will allow baby to come up with whatever that means to them at any stage in life.Chinese girl names offer a wide range of definitions, too, but often they fall back on natural influences. Whether it’s flowers or jade or the general tranquility of a forest, Chinese girl names like Chun-hua, Daiyu, Mei-lin, and plenty of others will have you waxing poetic about baby’s beauty every day.Introducing a baby into your life presents the opportunity to teach a new little person about your culture and heritage. This is a chance to be cherished. By giving baby a Chinese name, you honor your culture and start teaching baby about the importance of knowing their familial history from the very first day.
Czech Baby Names
The Bump’s list of Czech baby names brings to you a full collection of names, both popular and unique, for boys and girls alike, originating from the Czech Republic. Give any baby girl or a boy a Czech baby name to celebrate your Czech heritage.


Finnish Baby Names
With a baby on the way, many parents seek to find some way to give baby the gift of their heritage. By choosing a name to represent their lineage, a parent is giving baby a story to lean on, a figure to look up to, or a beacon of strength to pull from. The Finnish culture is a deeply special one, and celebrating both baby and culture with a Finnish baby girl or baby boy name could be exactly the right next step for you both.Finland is made up of a great deal of determined, educated people. Though not Scandinavian themselves, the Finns are a part of Nordic culture. There is a rich history to be learned and to feel inspired by with all that the Nordic and Finnish cultures have to offer. Their progressive political ideals, their battle tactics through history, and any other of the myriad ways in which this country has led society onto something greater is motivation for us all.Finnish girl and boy names often feel like a fresh and creative take on the Anglicized names we all hear daily. Names like Miska, Edvin, and Lilja, for instance, closely resemble Michael, Edward, and Lily. Alternatively, a lot of the Finnish names you’ll find will be of the more intense sort you’d expect from a Nordic culture; the name Torben means “thunder bear”.Finnish names are dripping with meaning and story that speak to the brilliance of the culture they come from. Choosing one for baby to highlight their heritage and give them a story to harken back to is a lovely birthday present, if you ask us.
French Baby Names
When thinking of France, it’s easy to immediately think of the Eiffel tower, the dozens of romantic locations, the beautiful landscapes, and the vibrant culture. No wonder a country brimming with such beauty has names that are equally alluring. With French being a romance language, the French baby girl and baby boy names are just as delectable as France’s famous Champagne, baguettes, and gourmet cheeses.Speaking of those beautiful French baby names, Colette, Chanel, and Amora have a rich history you can look into. But don’t worry, the boy names also have a lot to offer, too. Consider Dax or Bellamy as choices for your sweet baby boy. They’re all beautiful to say because of the nature of the French language so enjoy the way they trip off the tongue.Some parents choose a French baby name for the lovely way they sound, but being inspired by the rich culture for your new babe’s moniker makes perfect sense, too. With the French society being as old as it is, each name has a story to tell. By reading through and trying out the way they sound, you’ll have an exquisite French name dripping with European charm in no time.


Gaelic Baby Names
Comhghairdeas or Meala-naidheachd! Baby is on the way and we are delighted for you! Naming baby can be really tough, but picking out inspiration from family heritage or maybe even a culture you’ve just always loved is a great place to start. Gaelic baby names have a wide and beautiful range. The regions these names come from are similar on the face of it, but nonetheless they have managed to maintain totally unique histories that influence their culture, and their names, even today.The term Gaelic is one that gets thrown around frequently as a synonym for Celtic, but Gaelic is actually a more specific term. It is a subculture referring to Indo-European languages, like Irish and Scots Gaelic, of specific regions in the Celtic Nations and these baby names take influences from those regions.If you think a Gaelic name is the perfect fit for you and baby then you have come to the exact right place. Eryn and Shaelee are just a couple examples of the beautiful Gaelic baby names for girls. These interesting spellings are sure to make baby stand out in roll call and as she grows up she’ll have an interesting story to tell, too. Gaelic baby boy names come in all shapes and sizes and are — we think — irresistibly fun. With Eiden meaning fire and Ruark meaning champion, baby will be set up for an epic adventure.Gaelic names have a large scope and have definitely earned their bragging rights for beauty and meaning. Naming baby doesn’t have to be tough, so browse through our Gaelic Baby Names list and find the one that makes you and baby feel just as special as we know you are.
German Baby Names
German is often known to sound harsh as a language because it’s rich in consonants, but in reality, German is a language full of love and specificity meant to pinpoint exactly what a person is feeling in words. And if you’ve ever tried to say exactly how you feel for baby already, you know how difficult a task that is, but looking into German baby girl and baby boy names might make that task easier for you.Because German is at the root of a lot of commonly spoken languages, some names you might not have expected are German or are a modern form of an older German baby name. Eloise, though a gentle and sweet sounding name, actually means ‘famous warrior’ and has its origins in a name meaning hale. And speaking of defining by inner strength, German baby boy names like Derek and Leonardo mean ‘power of the tribe’ and ‘lion strength’ respectively.BGerman baby names tell a story. By picking one of these names from such a wide range of definitions, telling baby’s story will be that much easier. Naming baby doesn’t have to be hard and this list of German baby names will help you find the best match for you and baby in a flash.
Ghanaian Baby Names
Congratulations on adding a new member to your family! Looking for names can be hard but it doesn’t have to be when looking into Ghanaian baby girl and baby boy names. By using these names for baby you can easily honor your homeland or family history.Ghana is one of the many countries full of vibrant life in Africa. Wanting to name baby with a Ghanaian name makes sense when you take into account the strength in its history and people. As one of the first countries in Africa to achieve colonial independence, this culture showcases true tenacity and we understand wanting baby to have a name that represents that.The power in these names comes from the descriptions. Often the tradition in Ghana is to name baby for the day they were born or the order in which the children were born. Ghanaian names for girls like Ashantee or Afryea are perfect for showing your gratefulness for baby’s arrival and the joyous time that is. Kaatachi and Osei are strong names denoting leadership or a proud honorable nature and could be perfect to scratch the Ghanaian baby boy name itch. Afuom and Likem are strong gender neutral names for baby, too.Ghana is a country rich in history and traditions that deserves to be celebrated. We know if you take a look through our list of Ghanaian baby names that you’ll be sure to find one for baby that celebrates your family’s history in no time.
Greek Baby Names
What haven’t the Greeks done to influence our art, education, and way of living? That question is easier to answer than trying to come up with things the Greeks didn’t do first. The colorful language, mythology, history, and artistry all lend themselves to modern day muses and what could be a more perfect starting place than that when naming baby? These Greek baby girl and baby boy names have you covered and will no doubt inspire the start of baby’s epoch.


Hawaiian Baby Names
If the Aloha State’s culture calls you for baby’s name, look no further! Hawaiian baby girl and boy names come in a darling range. They represent the culture and way of life you are undoubtedly looking to share with baby and provide a unique name for the playground, too!Hawaiian baby girl names like Alohalani take the famous root word of “aloha,” which can mean “hello,” “welcome,” “goodbye,” and “love.” When one word can do so much, imagine what can happen when it’s adjoining other beautiful words from the Hawaiian language. Hawaiian baby names impart life lessons and reminders that every parent wants their baby to keep close. Ehehene will remind baby to laugh and find joy every day of their life, a lesson we could all learn to implement daily.Akamu is a name that will keep baby grounded no matter what shape their life ends up taking. Hawaiian baby boy names serve a purpose. They take small—but essential—reminders and instill core values from them. To remind baby they’re alive and to appreciate the wonders around them is the breath of fresh air everyone could use from their name.Implementing a way of life and its values is a difficult task for any person, let alone teaching someone else these lessons! But by choosing a name from your Hawaiian heritage for baby, you’re subtly guiding them in the right direction every day.
Hebrew Baby Names
When you find out you’re expecting, you likely have countless things on your mind, from sharing the good news with your loved ones to preparing the nursery. And of course, naming your bundle of joy is one of the most exciting things towards the top of the list. This is such an exciting time for so many reasons, but one of them is definitely that you now have a world of choices before you to pick a baby girl or baby boy name!
Hungarian Baby Names
Congratulations! With baby on the way you’re ready for so many next steps, but one of the most exciting ones has to be coming up with a name for baby. This process can feel a little daunting; you’re trying to put a name to the little one you don’t know yet and there are so many choices. However, if you’re looking for a name to honor your homeland and family history, Hungarian baby girl and baby boy names are excellent choices.Hungary, being located in central Europe, finds itself at the cross section of so many cultures. The influences from Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia are apparent in affecting the gorgeous array of names you can find in this list. If yourself or your ancestry are from any of these countries, picking a Hungarian baby name could be the perfect choice.When it comes to naming baby, picking names according to their meaning and the way they just roll off the tongue always makes sense. Hungarian boy names, like Imri and Zoltan, have a wide array of interpretations that are a testament to baby’s strength and vibrant presence in your life. Hungarian girl names are just as unique and meaningful, like Zsofia denoting wisdom and Tsigana spinning tales of age old adventurers.Hungarian names feature a wide variety of definitions and sounds, giving you and baby the chance to honor lands and cultures you love in a meaningful, easy way.


Indian Baby Names
Naming baby is one of the many exciting steps you get to take when you find out you’re going to become a parent. But that doesn’t make the choice any less difficult, especially when considering just how many beautiful Indian baby names there are to choose from. This can be an opportunity to pay respects to traditionalism or maybe the start of your own traditions!You might be waiting until you meet baby to choose the perfect Indian girl name or Indian boy name, but no harm in having a look first, right? Try out the way the names feel when you talk about baby or think about which Indian baby name feels just right for both of you.By naming baby with an Indian girl name or Indian boy name you can pay homage to an incredible culture; whether it’s from your own family’s heritage and traditions you want to reflect or maybe you just love the way Indian baby names sound, we understand. Whatever the reason, these names full of meaning and sounds that flow right off the tongue could be the perfect fit for you and baby.We’ve narrowed the list down to help with such an important decision, so take a look at our Indian girl and boy names and make sure to check out the descriptions, too, to gift baby with the perfect name.
Irish Baby Names
If green rolling landscapes, a strong sense of perseverance, and a land with a little bit of magic sounds like home for you, picking from this list of Irish names might be the exact thing you and baby needed. We know picking a name for baby is a hard, important choice but this list of beautiful Irish baby girl and baby boy names can make it so much easier.
Italian Baby Names
Congratulazioni! A baby is on the way and we couldn’t be more thrilled for you! We understand that naming baby is really hard, but when these Italian baby girl and baby boy name options are this beautiful, it’ll be easy to find one that will feel perfetta for you and baby.


Latin Baby Names
The time has come to name baby, but where do you start? The choices are endless out there and it can be tricky narrowing down your options. The important first step is letting your gut feelings make the first round of decisions. But, sometimes those feelings can shift day to day, making the decision even harder when it comes to thinking long term. But often, picking the origin of names first allows parents from all over to feel like they’re on solid ground. Latin baby girl and baby boy names are a one-stop-shop when it comes to feeling confident about your decision for baby.First off, Latin culture can mean a lot of different things to different people. Latin is, after all, the mother of most modern languages! Going the historical route or the modern day spin are both entirely possible with the wide spread of Latin names to choose from. You can choose a name like Julius or Augustus for baby to absolutely rock, but you also don’t have to refer to the ancient scholars when considering Latin names. Modern day takes can be gorgeous names like Olivia or Lucy that you’ve heard and loved before.On other points on the gender spectrum, there’s a huge range of Latin boy names with plenty of gender neutral names in the mix, too. With so many to choose from, they are sure to give you that gut feeling you’re looking for. We all know baby can own in equal measure a Latin name resurfacing from the 5th century or one with a more modern spin. But the trick to finding the right one is saying the names out loud to see what feels right for you and baby.Latin is the parent language to the romance languages we all know and love, which makes picking a Latin name as a parent feel a little like fate, doesn’t it? Take a look and pick your favorites from our Latin Baby Names list and baby will be churning out their own Epoch in no time.


Native American Baby Names
Here at The Bump, we are certain that naming baby is a thrilling time and that Native American cultures deserve to be celebrated, and what better thing to do than combine the two? Luckily for us, though much of these wonderful cultures have been lost, some of the traditions have survived. Naming baby in Native American cultures is incredibly important and comes with a lot of thought. Naming ceremonies take place still today because Native American cultures place a great deal of importance on the names given to their community members. And at The Bump, we also place a great deal of importance on naming baby thoughtfully.If you are a Native American, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Naming baby is a special time and an important moment in your new life together. Calling upon your Native American heritage or perhaps hoping to have an ancestor live on through baby with Native American names can be a way to make that moment even more special.Choosing a name like Onida for your new Native American girl could be a beautiful way to pay tribute to how long you’ve waited for baby to arrive. Or maybe if you have a specific love for the region or even the sound of it, Tennessee could be the perfect choice when looking for Native American boy names.Native American names are beautiful and rich in culture and we think this list — while adding a lot of new favorites to the mix — can help you find a name fit for baby that’s abundant in ties to your heritage.
Nigerian Baby Names
If you have Nigerian heritage, you probably know that each ethnic group in Nigeria has varying traditional naming practices. The Yoruba tend to give names based on circumstance, like Taiwo for the first born in a set of twins, and Kehinde for the second born. Among the Igbo and Yoruba, names that begin or end with Chi, Chukwu or Oluwa, like the name Chinara, reference God.Choosing from Nigerian baby names and their meanings can help you find a name that’s meaningful for your family. Check out our list of Nigerian baby names for baby boys and baby girls below. Honor your roots and your family history with these popular Nigerian baby names. Ready to look for Nigerian baby names for girls? Search our list below for popular choices like Sade, Dola and Abebi. Looking for Nigerian baby names for your baby boy? Consider options like Ekon, which means strong, and Obi, which means heart.
Norse Baby Names
Check out our list of Norse baby names and their meanings so you can choose a significant name for baby. You’ll find Norse names for baby boys and baby girls. Honor your homeland and family history with these top Norse baby names.
Norwegian Baby Names
Looking for a Norwegian name for the precious new babe? We don’t blame you! There are still so many influences of Norse culture reflected around the world today, why not use that culture as an inspiration for baby? Norwegian baby girl and baby boy names are just as remarkable as their homeland and are the perfect place for you and baby to start.If you’ve ever been to Norway or even just seen photos, you’ll know it’s one of the most beautiful countries to be found in the northern hemisphere. Nicknamed “Land of the Midnight Sun” and with the Northern Lights being a claim to fame, you can just imagine the dramatic views that inspired the Norwegian tradition to carry on. That tradition has influenced art, music, literature, and — luckily for us — epic Norwegian names that will always be timeless.Norwegian boy names can be found in the dozens. There is a long tradition of strength that is historically proliferated through the hundreds of baby boy names. By reading through the descriptions you’ll find yourself with so many options. But don’t worry, there are plenty of fierce names for your Norwegian baby girl, too.Norwegian influence is spread way further than you might initially think, which makes it the perfect place to start. This culture has impacted so many others and with that we’ve gained so many names to honor the beautiful land of Norway and now you and baby can, too.


Persian Baby Names
You have a lot to prepare for the upcoming arrival of your baby. Not only do you have to design the nursery, pick out toys and clothes and build the crib and changing table, but you also have the distinct honor of choosing baby’s name. Deciding on a name for your little one is certainly an exciting task, but it will likely take some time to narrow down all the amazing options.Are you leaning toward a Persian baby name? Perhaps you want to honor your Middle Eastern heritage or maybe you simply like the sound of Persian names. After all, Persian baby names, often originating from a work of Persian literature called the Shahnameh, are beautiful and unique. If you’re looking for Persian options, The Bump brings you a wealth of Persian baby boy and baby girl name suggestions along with their meanings in a single place. Browse our list until you settle on the ideal name for your baby.
Polish Baby Names
The Polish people and their naming customs are Slavic in origin and Christian in tradition, often naming baby boys and girls after saints. Their Slavic roots means these names have originated from the Indo-European countries. Check them out here!
Portuguese Baby Names
Congratulations! You’ve found out you’re going to welcome a bundle of joy into the world, so now it’s time to decide on the perfect name. While you may feel like it’s a lot of pressure to choose the ultimate name, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Portuguese baby girl or baby boy names cover a wide range and are an excellent place to start when trying to ease some of that stress of choice.Portuguese influence can be found all over the world. It is the official language for 10 countries and is spoken by around 270 million people — it’s safe to say this language covers quite a lot of cultures. By covering so many it means the selection of beautiful Portuguese baby names have been influenced as a result!Plenty of parents decide on Portuguese baby girl names or baby boy names simply because they have a lovely ring to them. These gorgeous names celebrate a wide mix of cultures and could be the perfect way for you to pay homage to your homeland or even just a language you love.


Sanskrit Baby Names
Congratulations on having a new little soul join your family! Picking a name can be really difficult because you’re looking for a name to give to a person you haven’t met yet. With the responsibility of picking a lifelong title it can be a bit of a heady task. But if you’re in need of traditional names, Sanskrit baby girl and baby boy names are the perfect place to start.The Sanskrit language is one of the oldest in human history. This language is at the pinnacle of traditionalism and can allow you and baby to connect with your Indo-Aryan roots. A Sanskrit baby name gives you the opportunity to pay homage to some deeply rooted ancestry and giving baby a beautiful, unique name simultaneously.Sanskrit names for girls like Uma and Veda are time-honored names with definitions that make them even more dazzling. Uma means splendor or tranquility and Veda means knowledge or wisdom. By picking a Sanskrit baby name you’re opening up the doors for baby to start off life with a substantial history to take inspiration from. Sanskrit boy names like Aditya, meaning ‘the sun’, and Jahan, meaning ‘the world’, have thousands of years to show for making a powerful name.Whether you’re honoring your homeland by picking a Sanskrit baby name or you want to aid the language in staying alive, you will end up with an uncommon name for baby that will be sure to turn a few heads.
Scandinavian Baby Names
With a rich history of the Vikings, Nordic gods and goddesses and the Old Norse language, Scandinavian baby names are a popular choice. Whether you choose Scandinavian names to celebrate your Scandinavian heritage, or simply because you like the ring of them, our list can help you search.You can choose from well-known Scandinavian names like the extremely popular Mia and Jensen, or you can search some of the less common options. Either way, The Bump’s list of Scandinavian baby names is here to help you choose the perfect name for baby!
Scottish Baby Names
The land, the accents, the culture, the cinematic views — what’s not to love about Scotland? If you’re planning for your wee babe to be running around in kilts and maybe taking up the bagpipes, then you have come to the right place. Scottish baby names are the next step for your future highlander and we couldn’t be more excited for you both!
Slavic Baby Names
Picking a Slavic baby name can mean a wide range of things. The term Slav represents so many cultures under one umbrella and serves as an easy way to consolidate all of these captivating names in one place. A Slavic name could mean a name influenced by Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, or any of the other 12 or so regions that fall into this category. So how do you narrow down such a large choice?We suggest saying these names out loud and choosing a name for baby by its significance in meaning. If you’re in need of a Slavic name with a religious intonement, consider Ivan or Ivanna, meaning God is gracious. Or perhaps if you’re hoping for a name imbued with the elegance of your surroundings, consider names like Zora and Leena, meaning dawn and light.Picking a Slavic girl or boy name for baby can serve as a way to honor your homeland and family history. These names showcase a strength and refined grace that can be a lovely tribute to your ancestry and loved ones in one fell swoop. By picking your favorites from this Slavic Baby Names list, you’ll be a huge step closer to finding the best name for baby.
Spanish Baby Names
Felicidades on the wonderful news; there’s a baby on the way! Picking a name for your brand new bundle of joy can be one of the first things you do as a parent and it’s a very important choice you’re making for baby. We understand this task can be stressful on parents so we’ve compiled a list of gorgeous Spanish baby girl names and Spanish baby boy names to make that search a little easier!
Swahili Baby Names
When you begin looking for baby names, look for inspiration both in your life and your heritage. Particularly if you have East African roots, Swahili baby names can be profoundly meaningful. You are probably familiar with some well-known Swahili names like Aaliyah for baby girls or Barack for baby boys, but there are plenty of beautiful Swahili baby names to choose from. Whether you want a name that is relatively popular, or one that feels unique and uncommon, find these and other Swahili names on the list below brought to you by The Bump.
Swedish Baby Names
The Bump has created this extensive list of Swedish baby names for you to look through and find the coolest, most popular Swedish baby boy and baby girl names and learn their meanings. It's the only stop to make when choosing a Swedish name.


Vietnamese Baby Names
Vietnam is a land of beauty, spirituality, and vibrant culture. Being right alongside so many different Asian cultures has led to a unique cultivation that is distinctly Vietnamese. The language of Vietnamese being a tonal language can often be difficult to learn if you haven’t been taught from the very beginning. But if you’re here to celebrate your heritage and share this culture with baby by choosing a Vietnamese baby girl or baby boy name, then you know exactly what pitfalls to watch out for!This land is comprised of people from all different styles of living, creating an environment totally unique. With so much rich cultural history it’s no surprise that you’re wanting to choose a Vietnamese name for baby to give them ties to their ancestry. These names are strong and diverse and enable families to pull in the heritage that makes them so beautiful.Vietnamese girl names like Lang or Minh show off the beauty in simplicity that is essential to Vietnamese names. On the flip side, Giang and An Dung are lovely examples of the brilliant Vietnamese boy names to give to your little boy. But if you’re in the market for a gender neutral name to tie in your heritage, gorgeous contenders like Quang, Xuan, and Hue could absolutely scratch that itch.Baby names from Vietnam are a wonderful way to pay homage to your ancestors and look forward to the future with your culture in mind. With the diverse range epitomizing the beauty in simplicity, you’ll find the ideal Vietnamese name for baby in no time.


Welsh Baby Names
Welsh baby names are incredibly unique. If Welsh isn’t your native tongue, the language can look quite daunting; there’s usually a lot of consonants that you’re not sure what to do with. Llawenydd, for instance, is the word for joy but the word for baby is babi. Knowing that there are some easily readable words should give the non-Welsh speaker some hope for the beautiful baby names we have lined up for you with our Welsh Baby Names list.On the flipside, if you are a Welsh speaker, llongyfarchiadau! We are so delighted for you and baby. These Welsh baby names give you the chance to embrace your heritage or interests by picking out an enchanting, unique Welsh name. Wales is a country rich in history and its association with all things Celtic means it’s got a little bit of magic, too. We’ve found this modern day magic inspiring and we know plenty of others have felt the same.Artists throughout history have used the Welsh culture as an influence on their creations and we think you could be similarly inspired. For instance, a name like Arwen could tick those boxes for your Tolkien and Welsh needs. Welsh baby girl names, like Cerridwen or Guinevere, are practically begging your baby to be running through rolling green hills after faeries or writing fantastical stories. Welsh names for boys run the gamut from Cayden to Rhys to Marvin, or — going by their definitions — from battle to enthusiasm to sea friend.Here at The Bump we are sure you’re going to find the perfect Welsh name for baby with these colorful names and their wide scope of meanings to suit any and all needs.