Updated March 03, 2022

There’s something special about having the honor of naming a baby, but there are so many choices out there that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you’re just starting your search, why not begin with our selection of the most popular unisex baby names? Gender-neutral names are a prime place to start if you don’t know the baby’s gender yet, but they’re also lovely names in and of themselves.

When you explore our listing of the top unisex baby names that start with the letter H, you’ll find many incredible options. If you’re looking for unique unisex H names, we have you covered with amazing choices like Haven, Hadley and Hawley. But if you’d rather skip the uncommon names and go for something a little more traditional, don’t miss unisex names, such as Hayley, Hazel and Hillary. With each unisex baby name beginning with H, you can discover the name’s origin, meaning and level of popularity. Browse our listing until you find the perfect name!