Updated March 03, 2022

Few things compare to the joys of having a baby. And now you have the honorable task of giving the baby its name! To start narrowing down your options, start with our listing of unisex baby names that begin with the letter R. From strong and powerful-sounding ones to softer, sweeter selections, our selection of unisex names is perfect for boys and girls.

You can’t go wrong when you choose a unisex baby name that starts with R. Here at The Bump, we feature lots of popular options, such as Reid, Riley, Ryan and Rowan. But if you’re looking for a more uncommon name, check out unique choices like Royale, Romaine, Rhodes and Reece. Click on a name, and you can find out more about the name’s popularity ranking, meaning and origin. When you sort through our listing of unisex R baby names, you’ll find the ideal name in no time.