Updated February 17, 2022

The word “cool” might invoke images of John Trivolta combing his hair back for grease lightning, a jazz bar in New York, or just an adorable baby in sunglasses, but regardless what imagery comes to mind, we can all agree on one thing: baby deserves a name from our cool baby names list. Baby might not become a leather jacket wearing adult, but we know they’re going to be cool in whatever way works for them.

And let’s face it, cool names for baby are, well, cool. Here at The Bump we know that you and baby are already an awesome team and with that, you need cool names! Choosing a name for your gorgeous little sidekick can be really hard, but we’re here to make that process way easier.

Baby names are what we do and we know this list can help you find the right choice for you and baby. Whether you get that gut feeling when you test out the name or the descriptions for these cool names just speak to you, you can use this detailed list to find and keep your favorites and make the perfect choice for you both.

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