Updated March 03, 2022

When thinking of France, it’s easy to immediately think of the Eiffel tower, the dozens of romantic locations, the beautiful landscapes, and the vibrant culture. No wonder a country brimming with such beauty has names that are equally alluring. With French being a romance language, the French baby girl and baby boy names are just as delectable as France’s famous Champagne, baguettes, and gourmet cheeses.

Speaking of those beautiful French baby names, Colette, Chanel, and Amora have a rich history you can look into. But don’t worry, the boy names also have a lot to offer, too. Consider Dax or Bellamy as choices for your sweet baby boy. They’re all beautiful to say because of the nature of the French language so enjoy the way they trip off the tongue.

Some parents choose a French baby name for the lovely way they sound, but being inspired by the rich culture for your new babe’s moniker makes perfect sense, too. With the French society being as old as it is, each name has a story to tell. By reading through and trying out the way they sound, you’ll have an exquisite French name dripping with European charm in no time.