The 10 Most Popular Lullabies to Help Baby Sleep

Many of them are actually covers of popular Disney movie songs.
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ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
February 4, 2022
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A tried and true method for getting baby to sleep is lullabies. Many of us have memories of our own parents singing lullabies to us at bedtime and have done the same for our children. While certain lullabies might carry sentimental value, one survey has found some lullabies are more popular than others.

Experts from Babysense, a baby monitor brand, analyzed Spotify playlists to find which songs parents used most to get babies to sleep. They looked at keywords, including “baby lullaby,” “lullabies,” “baby sleep,” “sleep lullabies” and “lullabies for bedtime.” They examined over 4,000 playlists and thousands of songs to discover which bedtime songs and lullabies were most popular. Interestingly, some of the lullabies on the list are actually cover versions of popular Disney songs. Here’s what they found:

  1. “You Are My Sunshine” by Nursery Rhymes. The song was originally performed by Jimmie Davis and released in 1940. To date, it has been covered by over 350 artists. This version was found on 147 playlists.

  2. “Colors of the Wind” by Rita May. Originally performed by Judy Kuhn as the main theme song of Pocahontas, this cover version was found on 130 playlists.

  3. “Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Mingmei Hsueh. This nursery rhyme dates back to the early 1900s and was found on 128 playlists.

  4. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Rita May. Originally performed by Elton John and Tim Rice for The Lion King, this cover was found on 124 lullaby playlists.

  5. “A Whole New World” by Purple Tulips. Written by Tim Rice and composed by Alan Menken, the song became the main theme of the 1992 Aladdin. According to the survey, it’s had a resurgence since the release of the live-action movie in 2019 and was found on 110 playlists.

  6. ”When She Loved Me” by Rockabye Lullaby. Initially written by Randy Newman and performed by Sarah McLachlan for Toy Story 2, the song was found on 101 playlists.

  7. ”Puff The Magic Dragon” by Laura Hanson. The song tells the tale of a little boy and his imaginary friend dragon, Puff. It was found on 99 playlists.

  8. “Baby Sleep Lullaby” by Baby Sleep Music. This lullaby was created specifically to help get baby to sleep. It was found on 82 lullaby playlists.

  9. “Sonata No. 16” by Lullaby Time. Mozart’s “Sonata No. 16” has become a popular lullaby choice, as experts believe classical music may help calm babies down. It was found on 79 playlists.

  10. “How Far I’ll Go” by Thomas Loof.
    This Moana song, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and originally performed by Auliʻi Cravalho, has quickly become a favorite and was found on 77 playlists.

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