Updated February 17, 2022

If you’re a planet loving, paint with the colors of the wind kind of person, then you’ll absolutely love our Nature Baby Names list. From A-Z we have names representing that gorgeous free spirit in you and baby.

These nature names full of whimsy and heart will make anyone feel they’ve been transported to a sweet woodland realm. Willow, Rowan, and Luna are just a few of our favorites but there are so many nature names imbued with that folksy, woodsy charm that it’s almost too hard to pick. There are countless beautiful things in nature and it only makes sense that you want baby to be able to take part in that tranquility from day one.

We talk so often about paying homage to tradition and loved ones with names that it’s easy to forget about the simple gratitude and serenity we feel in nature and that those things deserve tribute, too. Feel the breeze through the trees and take heart in the earthy scents and the chattering of birds nearby and let that nature flow through you. Naming baby with a nature name only makes sense when you consider the ease and inner peace you wish to start their journey on.

Nature names for girls come in multitudes and each one is just as lovely as the last. Whether it’s the flora or fauna you’re hoping to commemorate, The Bump has it. Try saying the name Magnolia or Poppy out loud, or maybe a little more fantastical with Phoenix. But don’t worry if you’re thinking this list is only for girl names; nature boy names and gender neutral names have a wide range, too. Aspen, Jay, and Orion are striking nature names to start with but there are still plenty of names to explore, so run with the wind and find some new favorites with the Nature Baby Names list.

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