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Registry Ideas and Advice

The Bump Baby Registry

When you have a new little one on the way, there’s so much to look forward to and anticipate! Once you start to think about all the new gear you’ll need to get for baby, you might get really excited… or really overwhelmed. There’s nursery furniture, safety gear, clothing and so many diapers to get, and pulling all of that together from one retailer isn’t always possible. Making your wishlist shouldn’t be restricted to one store, but it shouldn’t feel like an impossible task either. Whether you’re excited to start making your list, or feel like it’s a giant undertaking, The Bump is here to make the registry process easier for you. We know that most parents like to register at multiple retailers to get everything they need, but that can make keeping track of things difficult for you and for anyone who wants to choose a gift for you, too. Beyond that, it can be awkward trying to share multiple links to multiple registries, and it can be hard for friends, family and co-workers to try to track down each of your registries on multiple separate sites. In short, keeping track of your baby registries can be a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Trying to monitor multiple registry lists shouldn’t take up all your time, so The Bump has solved the problem for you. With The Bump Baby Registry, you can compile all of your registries with our partner stores in one place, giving you one simple URL to share with anyone who wants to see your registry or give you a baby gift. The Bump Baby Registry simplifies your registry process, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about. 

For being so tiny, babies sure do need a lot of stuff, and you want the best for your little one. Let The Bump help you choose what to add to your registry with our baby product guides and Best Of lists. You’ll need a car seat to keep baby safe, and a crib or bassinet so they can sleep safely and soundly. You’ll need more swaddling blankets than you ever thought possible, and you’ll need a tiny bathtub to keep baby clean. Whether you’re creating a little nursery nook in your bedroom, or outfitting a full nursery room, we can help you find the baby gear you need to fit your style, budget and space. Find nursery gear that’s won our Best of Baby Award, or search ideas for creating an eco-friendly nursery. Find out how to sign up for diaper subscriptions that bring your favorite diapers right to your door, or how to add gift items to your registry that work for any budget. The Bump can help you find all the items you know you need, and a few you might not have known about, too! From the best baby essentials to strollers that check all the boxes, The Bump can help you find the perfect gear for your baby registry.

The Bump Baby Registry Perks

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry—The Bump has you covered. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and confused by everything that’s available for you and baby, let us help you all along the way. We can help guide your registry selection process so you feel confident that you’re registering for everything you’ll need. We offer detailed baby registry checklists, recommendations on the best products to buy and guides for choosing items to best suit you and baby. We can even help you register entirely online, so you know how to pick items during the COVID-19 pandemic, when you might not feel comfortable physically going to stores. No matter what kind of guidance and registry information you need, The Bump is here to help streamline the whole experience. Once you create your baby registry with The Bump, the Manage Registry process makes everything simple. Just register with our partner stores using the same email you use on The Bump, and The Bump syncs your email with our partners and pulls back all of your registry information within 24 hours. That means you can see all the different retailers you’ve registered with, as well as the specific items you’ve registered for at each retailer, all within The Bump. The best perk we can think of is the gift of time and peace of mind. Let The Bump give you both with our registry. For even more perks, find out what perks our partners offer to members of The Bump.