Updated February 17, 2022

Searching for an uncommon name can sometimes feel a little counterintuitive; gathering popular search results doesn’t exactly feel like you’re stumbling upon something unique, does it? But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard part for you and pulled together a list of uncommon names that will be the perfect fit for you and baby.

There’s a fine line between uncommon girl names and uncommon boy names, and if you’re already searching for something to be truly unique for baby, why not swap some of those names around and look at this whole list as gender neutral? Harlyn, Hartley, and Ellington are more known for being names for boys, but why not shake things up? Getting creative with interpretations and picking an uncommon name for baby are two things we think readily go hand in hand.

That said, uncommon names are special even when they adhere to more gender normative ideas. Think about the uncommon girl names like Cordelia, Guinevere, and Jazzlyn or uncommon names for boys like Everest, Auden, or Ulysses. These baby names are just begging to become famous writers, artists, scientists, or anything they dream to be.

We all know baby is unique because they’re yours, so pick a favorite or two from our Uncommon Baby Names list and get those creative juices flowing.

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